OmneHealth practice management and clinical management software solutions are easy to learn and use. OmneHealth offers full training, data conversion and support services to meet your needs. OmneHealth offers a full turnkey solution including hardware and full network configurations.

OmneHealth’s Practice Management System provides the tools to implement the successful management and control of the medical practice. It enables all staff members in a medical practice to perform functions from one central integrated system thus ensuring that the medical practice runs smoothly.

OmneHealth’s Practice Management System is a modularly built system thus providing it with flexibility and the ability for it to be tailored to provide a customised system to meet the needs of individual practices. Because the Patient Management module integrates with all the other OmneHealth modules including Clinical and Diagnostic, Prescription Writing and Claims and Communications and operates from one database, all administrative and clinical functions are seamlessly integrated.
The OmneHealth’s Practice Management System application can be viewed as a specialised debtor’s accounting package, one that integrates accounting functions, for example, linking invoices, journals and client contacts with business management.

After extensive consultation with medical practitioners, the OmneHealth suite is complete with a comprehensive clinical notes package, allowing the practitioner to completely manage any patients’ history in a completely electronic format. Fully integrated with all the other OmneHealth modules including Patient Management, Prescription Writing and Claims and Communications, it is the future of clinical computing.

The clinical & diagnostic module is designed following the RACGP’s examination criteria for consultations. From the initial consultation, recording past medical history, social and family history, and chief complaints is a breeze. Record and manage information from Home visits, Nursing Homes and Hospital visits. Reference tools for diagnosis are available, such as the BMRI risk factor dial, Dambro Five Minute Medical Consult, Diabetes check and many other examination guides, including Skin, Respiratory, Lymphatic, Neurological, Cardio, and Musculoskeletal. Assisting patients with compliance and other issues by using the available resources such graphed and scanned images, patient education materials, and clinical drawings. Diagnosis categories can be traced from Differential and Provisional to Final, with ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding applied throughout. Administrative records for Recalls, Referrals, Certificates and Immunisation are also linked to the electronic clinical notes.

The clinical and diagnostic modue also has the capability to send and receive electronic pathology/radiology reports via OmneHealth’s secure communications and more. Our unique information up-dating system using secure communications technology allows doctor and patient education to always be maintained, and therefore current. Information on latest clinical trials, interaction warnings or educational information will be able to be easily accessed as soon it becomes available. Minimum typing is required, with many fields containing selection lists or check boxes where possible, while maintaining the doctors option to record a finding using their own words.

PRESCRIPTION WRITING SOFTWARE with advanced optimisation modules
The electronic prescription writing package provides the user with a powerful, yet almost effortless tool. Effective as both an individual stand-alone system or as a member of the fully integrated OmneHealth, the eRx module is a simple, reliable and efficient device that caters for the doctor’s every need at the time of prescribing.

Easily accessed via multiple portals throughout the suite, eRx records thorough patient script histories, and contains fully automated warnings that are activated by both drug interactions and patient allergies. Embedded within the system is the MIMS Pharmaceutical database containing both full and abbreviated Product Information, as well as Consumer Medicines Information. Update the MIMS Drugs database and other system components as required using our secure communications software in conjunction with this module. Additionally, the prescription writing process is fully electronic whereby the user may nominate to electronically send the script to the pharmacist of choice.

The module enables the user to not only efficiently produce clear, accurate scripts with just several keystrokes, during the prescribing process the provider also has additional information at their fingertips such as family or social history, immunisation, radiology or pathology results for the patient. The script writing process is also enhanced by the clinical tools available, such as the in built calculator; the BMRI relative risk factor to heart failure, with graphing facility; the ‘Quick letter’ writing pad containing standard templates; pathology and radiology test requests and results; immunisation module; the ability to store and retrieve scanned records. Users are able to search for drugs by Product, Generic grouping, Company, Class and Action /Indication, and create their own recipes. Prints patients Medicare card number on the script, falling in line with current HIC requirements.

The system can be tailored to suit any style of prescription writing, by choosing default settings for the individual user. Over the counter drugs, generic options, and the intensity of the interaction checking process can all be customised to suit the person at the controls.

Communications are a major feature of OmneHealth’s software range. MedComs, our secure communications software, provides a secure means for the transfer of information from the medical practice to other participants in the health care sector. MedComs has become the "industry standard" for secure transmission of data within the health care sector, with thousands of medical practices across Australia utilising MedComs for the secure transmission of direct bill claims and pathology downloading.

MedComs is a cost effective, value added network that incorporates electronic mail, electronic data interchange (EDI), bulletin boards, connections to facsimile and World Wide Web services. This communication facility provides a unique service compared to other third party networks, as MedComs is designed specifically for health care professionals. More importantly the application is simple to use, easy to install and is deployable with a wide variety of point-to-point and ”point-to-wide area” data encryption and decryption methods including DPS and PGP.

OmneHealth has extended the MedComs environment by developing its own secure, international X.400 EDI which will allow the exchange of confidential patient and health care industry related information electronically anywhere in the world. Imagine a doctor sitting in his or her consulting rooms in Singapore and requesting specialist advice from a consultant in Sydney or Auckland....... or the next suburb by electronically sending the full patient records - patient history, pathology, radiology....... - and receiving the advice by text and/or voice mail and/or graphically. This is the power of OmneHealth’s MedComs.

MedComs incorporates the encryption and security process demanded by the Health Insurance Commission in Australia and provides the exclusive electronic Direct Claims service for Medicare. Unique Services like Medicare are continually being added to increase the functionality of MedComs for the health care market.

Full integration with all the other OmneHealth modules including Patient Management, Clinical and Diagnostic, and Prescription Writing, allows further functionality as other applications can prepare and capture the information required, and then send the relevant information electronically through MedComs. Examples of this would be Medicare preparation and reconciling, pathology requests and results, electronic scripting and electronic banking.