OmneHealth provides and fully supports a comprehensive and integrated range of software products and services for medical and other health care practitioners. OmneHealth Solutions allow for a seamless and secure link between health care practitioners and other key participants in the health sector through integrated practice management and clinical management software, and secure communications.

OmneHealth's communications capability includes a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which secures and authenticates information sent via OmneHealth. In addition, OmneHealth is interconnected to a secure web-site that can provide access under specific conditions for secure communications between a patient and their attending physician or health care product or service provider.

Software selection is an integral component of the OmneHealth product suite with an emphasis on flexibility and scalability of modules working together to create a seamlessly integrated total practice management and clinical management solution with integrated third party products such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for word processing and process reporting, to provide useable and flexible tools for the physician with the confidence of system security and privacy. The OmneHealth clinical decision support (CDS) tools and related communications and security/privacy components for clinicians, pharmacists and all health care participants provide user-friendly means to better interface the consumer with the prescribing practitioner and the dispensing pharmacist thereby allowing expanded communication and understanding in the disease management process.

OmneHealth's wholly-owned affiliate, Qi, delivers enterprise hosting business application services to medium and large-sized customers around the world using strategic system management solutions, including application-based processes and proprietary products. Qi provides large scale hosting for complex and sophisticated ASP applications that are housed on OmneHealth's data centre within the PowerTel data centre in central Sydney that is also connected directly to the international communications backbone. Qi offers round-the-clock solutions to businesses that demand scalability, security, guaranteed service levels and maximum availability.

OmneHealth's wholly owned affiliate, Ctel Technologies, is a leading Australian e-Commerce transaction solution provider. Ctel specialises in the design and delivery of custom Electronic Bill Payment Solutions for Government Agencies, banks, utilities, not-for-profit and corporate clients worldwide. Ctel Technologies owns and operates multiple 'gateways' to the banking industry. These gateways are geographically redundant (Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide) and maintained in secure data centres operating 24/7. In addition, OmneHealth's national IVR network is also geographically redundant and integrated into its National Transaction Network.

The combined operations of OmneHealth, the Qi business, and Ctel represents an unrivalled footprint in the e-Health marketplace. The OmneHealth product offerings include full PKI capabilities, the usual and customary secure transaction environment required by Ctel's banking portal, applications that are Web enabled, full (real) ASP capabilities, both real and virtual ISP capabilities, and all the functionality required to respect the confidentiality and privacy needs of sensitive health and financial information.

The primary objective of OmneHealth is to make available a framework of software and services that serve clients in privacy and security intensive industries and applications, that are particularly suited to health care constituents and participants in the financial industry.